Raymond Joachim is a multi-talented Graphic Designer/Developer with over 13 years experience, in a wide variety of multimedia positions/roles. Ray began his education in 1996 by taking a short animation course in Calgary at the Quickdraw Animation Society. Ray later attended Applied Multimedia Training Centers in 1997 – attaining his Multimedia And Design diploma, then coming back to AMTC in 2002 to attain his Digital Animation Diploma.




Beginning his career in January of 1998 as a FLASH DEVELOPER / ANIMATOR with the Calgary Board of Education he firmly established himself as an enthusiastic, hard working, ambitious member of the team. Using 3D Studio Max in combination with Flash, Ray was best known for pushing the boundaries of creativity.



In January of 2000, Ray took a position with a startup company – EOL (Education OnLine),  OZ New Media –  as a FLASH DEVELOPER /3D ANIMATOR using 3D Studio Max in combination with Flash, to develop online learning modules, and working one-on-one with school teachers to help create/write the storyboards. Subjects included math, english and mechanics.



In November of 2003, Ray took on a position with Fabutan’s Head Office, as GRAPHIC DESIGNER – creating and maintaining Fabutan’s official FLASH & HTML website, and multiple flash based  product microsites. This also became a valuable positon as Ray learned a lot and was immersed in the MARKETING, ADVERTISING & PRINT side of the industry.



In October of 2007,  Ray was brought onboard  SafetySync to develop/architect a FLASH based template to be used for Online Training Modules. Once this template was created, Ray built out individual courses utilizing flash animation and flash video to create a strong visual learning process – along with strong integration into database to track stats like score, feedback etc. This role extended into taking care of much of the STATIC DESIGN AND ILLUSTRATION work including creating custom avatars/caricatures of Company owners/CEOs. Ray was also put in charge of the SOCIAL MEDIA  creation/campaign, creating a presence on facebook, twitter, and YouTube.



In 2011 Ray decided to take an opportunity with Forzani Group.  This position was for GRAPHIC / FLASH DESIGNER/DEVELOPER, for Forzanis Sportchek.ca website, and other umbrella companies – Hockey Experts, Nevada Bob’s Golf, Atmosphere etc. This was a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines, and Ray was able to contribute and bring new exciting approaches to some of the online animated promotions, for brands like Adidas, Nike Golf, Gatorade, Reebok and many others! Also included as a major portion of Ray’s responsibilites was building web compliant/standard SOCIAL MEDIA components like flash banners, youTube mastheads, Pictella banner animations, Facebook profile/promotion updates.


*In March 2012, Ray decided to leave full-time employment to pursue full-time contract work. After 3 months of successfully gaining contracts doing iOS game/app design and animation with Tizio Publishing, and illustrations for various clientelle, Ray decided to incorporate the name ‘Joachim Studios’. It is with excitement that Ray goes forward, with plans to nurture and grow Joachim Studios to become a successful company!


Ray is also  a contributor to over 13 microstock sites including the highly competitive stock agency istockphoto.com. *(Contributor name Rayuken).


One of Ray’s life goals is to create a series of children’s books that he plans to illustrate and write himself.

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  • Tom


    Hey Rey It's tom here in the UK! I've been admiring your African animal vectors on shutter stock. I really like your standup caricatures - well cool. I've a requirement for the following some of which you've done already. The list is as follows: Elephant Zebra Wildebeest Hippo Lion Parrot Wild dog Chimpanzee Rhino Giraffe Antelope Leopard Crocodile Cheetah Honey-badger Mongoose Could you do this, for what cost - we're looking for as much licence flexibility as possible for electronic usage and merchandise. Please could you email back to welchtkw@gmail.com and marklltt@gmail.com Best regards Tom

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